Frequently Asked Questions

What is Poland A.M.? 

Poland A.M. is an executive news digest that provides you with the big Polish stories of the day. It is posted by 7:30 am each working day. Our journalists comb through the Polish media and find the relevant stories for those who need a clear, concise update on the news in Poland. Along with each day's most important news, Poland A.M. includes current exchange rates and stock market winners and losers, as well as the day's weather forecast and name days. Take a look at a sample edition. Poland A.M. delivers you the key news of the day in less than 10 minutes of reading – all for the price of a cup of coffee.

How much does Poland AM cost? 

Single Subscription
PLN 1730
PLN 2990

The price does not include VAT of 23%.

For a corporate subscription or a special company deal please contact our service department: amichalik@valkea.com

How long is the free trial? 

We offer a free two-week free trial to Poland A.M. Click here for the free trial.

How will I receive PAM? 

Poland A.M., is sent out via e-mail in three different formats:

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Plain text

You can choose whichever format fits your needs best.

Can I send PAM to my company head office as a form of Polish press review? 

It depends on the type of subscription you have. A single subscription is for your personal use only. A corporate subscription is intended for a maximum of 5 subscribers. However, we can also provide a special subscription deal tailored to your company's needs, to serve as many e-mail addresses/persons as is required. In this our policy is strict.

Who reads Poland A.M.? 

Poland A.M. is read by executives around the world. Here are some corporations that have subscribed to Poland A.M.

Is PAM available in other languages? 

Yes, a German language version is available. Called "Polen am Morgen," it is similar to Poland A.M., but with a greater focus on topics that concern Germany and German-speaking countries.