Subscription prices

Basic license (1-3 users)

Poland A.M. / Polen am Morgen
1 year: 2859 PLN
6 months: 1649 PLN
3 months: 1099 PLN

Financial Minute
1 year: 1099 PLN
6 months: 659 PLN
3 months: 439 PLN

Real Estate Newsletter
1 year: 1099 PLN
6 months: 659 PLN
3 months: 439 PLN

The prices exclude 23% VAT. For multiple-user licence pricing contact

General terms and conditions

Valkea Media SA (hereafter referred to as “VALKEA”) electronic newsletters

Client – is a natural or legal person or an organizational unit possessing a legal capacity, which has made an effective Order for the newsletter(s);

Subscriber – is a natural person who, as a part of the Client’s organizational structure, receives the newsletter(s) via email;

Newsletters – refers to newsletters prepared by VALKEA solely in electronic form, consisting of titles: „Poland A.M.”, „Polen am Morgen”, „Financial Minute”, „Real Estate Newsletter” or other future product/s. The newsletters represent collected editions in the sense of the Law on copyrights and related rights from February 4, 1994, whereby the VALKEA is the exclusive owner of those rights. At the same time VALKEA declares that it possesses the copyrights to the respective texts constituting the particular bulletin issues;

VALKEA – refers to Valkea Media S.A., with its seat at ul. Elbląska 15/17 in Warsaw, registered under the number KRS 291933.

General points
1. Any Subscription Contract entered with VALKEA or any renewed subscription infers full acceptance on the part of the Client of all present general terms and conditions. Only the specific terms or conditions of a special contract concluded between VALKEA and the subscriber may prevail over the present general conditions.

2. Any dispute regarding the validity, interpretation or execution of the contract will be referred before the appropriate court in Warsaw, including summary procedures and cases involving more than one defendant. Only Polish law is applicable.

Subscriptions, fees, payment mode and cancellation
3. The subscription period may vary, but it is never shorter than three (3) months. The subscription is non-transferrable.

4. Within two working days of receiving a new subscription request via email, online, telephone or any other means, VALKEA will send the Client a Proforma invoice. Subscriptions begin as soon as VALKEA receives the full payment for the subscription period and valid email address(es) of the Subscriber(s). VALKEA will mail or email the Client an invoice confirming the receipt of payment at the start of the subscription.

5. Depending on the size of the purchased newsletter package the Client may have multiple Subscribers within its organization. The maximum number is determined by VALKEA. The Client is responsible to deliver and update the email addresses of the Subscribers to VALKEA.

6. The Proforma invoices are payable in full and net of transaction fees, which remain charged to the Client. The Client alone is responsible for effecting the payment. The payment is deemed complete only once VALKEA accounts are credited with the sum due. If a payment is delayed, the start of the subscription is delayed accordingly. Subscriptions begin immediately upon receipt of the total amount. The start of subscription period is the date of entering the Subscription Contract between VALKEA and the Client.

7. Unless the Client submits his cancellation of the subscription in writing (emails and faxes are accepted) to VALKEA within 10 (ten) days of entering the contract, the subscription will be valid for the entire subscription period and no refunds are made due to late cancellation.

8. All subscription contracts not cancelled in writing (emails and faxes are accepted) to VALKEA a month prior to their expiring will be automatically renewed at the applicable rate on the renewal deadline. No refunds are available in cases of cancellation of ongoing subscriptions.

9. The prices for newsletters are available on the price list shown on the website.

10. Individual discounts for embassies, public institutions and non-profit organizations are non-transferrable.

11. Unless mentioned otherwise, all our prices are indicated in Polish Zlotys and exclude VAT.

12. Interest on delayed invoices is charged at an annual rate of 10%.

Limitation of liability
13. VALKEA strives to provide exhaustive and verified information. However, VALKEA declines all responsibility in case of damage to the subscriber or any other corporate body or individual stemming from the exploitation of erroneous information or the absence of an information item.

14. Should VALKEA not be able, by force majeure, to publish an issue of a newsletter, its liability is limited to replacing the issue, which has been interrupted by an alternative issue.

15. VALKEA reserves the right in its sole discretion to effect any amendment or alteration to the content and information, including pricing and rates, published on the websites (;; or in pricing brochures.

16. VALKEA will not be liable for the failure to perform or improper performance of the service, if they result from the failure to fulfill the technical requirements (standard PC or other equipment with Internet access and a correctly set up web browser) by the Client or from the use by the Client of technical protection or software rendering it impossible to provide the Newsletter/s.

Protection of privacy
17. Information concerning Subscribers is held on VALKEA files in accordance with Polish law. Subscribers can request access to this information at any time and demand that any inaccuracies be corrected. This information will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties.

18. VALKEA reserves the right to contact the Subscriber in order to provide all appropriate information regarding the products and services offered by VALKEA liable to interest the subscriber. The Subscriber can nevertheless at any time request that the dispatch of such messages cease.

19. VALKEA grants to Subscribers a personal, non-assignable and non-transferable license to view, copy, download to a local drive, print and display all content and information on any machine of which the Subscriber is the primary user provided that such use is for personal use. The Subscriber may NOT forward or otherwise grant access to third parties through any means.

20. Any reproduction of the newsletters without prior written agreement from VALKEA is forbidden.